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Making the Exchange of Lien Waivers Much More Smooth

Armour Xteriors is a full-service exterior company. Whether commercial or residential exterior work is needed, Armour Xteriors will complete the job. Their dedication to the industry shows since they proudly say to every customer, “all exterior project needs can be done under one roof” said Glenna Ingeman.


With that in mind, there is a lot of moving parts within every given project and having an efficient automation for Project Management was imperative to the business as a whole. “We needed a much simpler way to create, send, and track lien waivers,” said Ingeman.


Lienwaivers powered by Built is an automated system that helps manage the entire process of the lien waiver management. It ensures all lien waivers and payments are created, sent, collected, and tracked at all times. Having an efficient and simplified process between Subcontractors and Vendors gives Armour Xteriors an edge in their Project Management efforts.


Save Time and Save Direct

Before Lienwaivers powered by Built, Armour Xteriors was performing a process that was time consuming and unpredictable. “For each check we cut, we would have a PDF form template of a generic waiver, we would fill out with the check information and send it through Adobe Sign. Every attempt possible would be made to get it back,” states Ingeman. “We would have to save copies of each waiver onto our company drive in multiple locations and kept an Excel tracker for when it was sent, reminded to be signed or signed.”


It was a reassurance when Armour Xteriors heard that each lien waiver could be updated as needed and each would be saved directly to their personal site, validating that no backup was required.


Since Armour Xteriors has integrated Lienwaivers powered by Built into their Construction technology system, the process of sending lien waivers has operated with ease. Being able to send lien waivers via PDF attachment, receive/send reminders, and track all in one place has saved Armour Xteriors an abundance of time and money.


Along with improving the process and efficiency of Construction Project Management, Lienwaivers powered by Built  helps Armour Xteriors at any time with anything using our live chat feature. Ingeman was impressed by the experience she had with the live chat and email support team. “I use it often. It has been amazing! I like that it is always a live person, not a computer or an automatic response AND they always say hello to me directly.”


Favorite Lienwaivers powered by Built Features
  • Bulk lien waiver generation
  • Customized lien waiver templates
  • Electronic signatures
  • Lien waiver tracking
  • Reminders
  • Single import
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