Meet Kelly Construction: A Built for Contractors Customer


About Kelly Construction

9 years ago, Kyle Kelly, owner of Kelly Construction, began to see a need for townhomes in the Siouxland area. After constructing a few townhomes in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, the small team found success and began to repeat their process in Sioux City, Iowa. Nearly 120 homes and townhomes later, the growing team of six looks forward to finishing their current builds and expanding their business to neighboring states and cities.


Recently, we sat down with Virginia Anderson, COO of Kelly Construction, and asked her about the mission of Kelly Construction and how Built for Contractors is helping them streamline their processes and grow their business.

The vision behind Kelly Construction

Since its founding in 2008, Kelly Construction has been dedicated to building communities one project at a time. Their vision goes beyond the parameters of a typical construction company because of the entrepreneurial spirit of the owner behind the company, according to Anderson.


“We’re always looking for new ventures to be a part of, and new ways of doing things,” said Anderson. “Being a part of innovation in the industry, like adopting Built's Lien Waiver Management Platform, makes us as employees be more fearless and forward thinking.”

Lienwaivers powered by Built helps streamline the lien waiver exchange process

Lienwaivers powered by Built is proud to be a part of the powerhouse that helps keep Kelly Construction running more efficiently. Since February of 2016, Lienwaivers powered by Built has provided a seamless platform for Kelly Construction to utilize during their weekly operations. A process that used to take four hours per week is now cut down dramatically because of the Lienwaivers powered by Built platform.


"I thought I had the lien waiver process refined as best as I could,” said Anderson. “The Lienwaivers powered by Built platform has taken that four-hour process down to a 10-minute process."


Virginia Anderson
COO of Kelly Construction


Lienwaivers powered by Built new ACH payment feature

Recently, Lienwaivers powered by Built released our construction ACH payment platform, which will speed up the payment process dramatically for Kelly Construction.


“The new payment integration is a complete game changer for the platform,” said Anderson. “To be able to not sign all of those checks, fill out envelopes, and coordinate check pickup times with subcontractors is really going to take our processes to the next level.”


Anderson added that Kelly Construction particularly likes using Lienwaivers powered by Built because it takes the paper out of the process, which allows them to take better care of their subcontractors.


“Because I’m sending documents electronically and the subcontractors are going to be paid electronically, I can get them paid more quickly,” said Anderson. “When we pay our subcontractors faster it makes us a more attractive company to work with, which is going to help us grow and move forward as a company.”

Using Lienwaivers powered by Built

The usability behind Lienwaivers powered by Built platform makes it easy for anyone to use, according to Anderson. Anderson said that Kelly Construction’s subcontractors are able to use the platform with ease because they are not required to create a login or other additional accounts.


“The platform has been seamless for subcontractors to use in their part of the lien waiver process,” said Anderson. “It’s been very easy to teach them how to use the platform.”


Anderson added that one of best things about using Lienwaivers powered by Built is the attitude of the staff behind the platform. She said that because Kelly Construction has been using the platform since Lienwaivers powered by Built founding, the Kelly Construction team has been able to suggest changes to the platform and has actually seen them implemented.


“The Lienwaivers powered by Built team listens and reacts to our suggestions very quickly,”said Anderson. “For example, we like to quickly see the outstanding lien waivers. This enhancement made it easier to know if contractor was getting paid that day or not.”


What makes Kelly Construction unique?

Kelly Construction’s mission of superior customer service makes them a great company to work with. However, the quality that goes behind constructing each property is what makes Kelly Construction special, according to Virginia Anderson, COO of Kelly Construction.

“We pick quality materials over cheaper materials,” said Anderson. “We always make sure that our materials are the right solution for the customer, and that they are happy with their home. We want our clients to be excited to move in, not exhausted from the building process.”

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