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Aligning the lien waiver process with the company’s town-based model: continuity

For Lithko Contracting, a full-service concrete contracting company with a town-based model, building continuity throughout each process means everything. Lithko is known for their strong, local teams that keep coworkers close to home, create local jobs, support communities, and foster career growth.


Lithko is one of the country’s largest concrete contractors, ranking second on ENR’s Top Concrete Contractor list for the past two years. Needless to say, their project expansion is continuing to grow, which means they need to be immersed in productivity to maintain their operation.


Within any large subcontractor operation, waivers are a key process to the management of each project. “We collect between 300 and 500 waivers a month from our material suppliers and lower-tier subcontractors", said Char Young, AR/AP Manager. “We work with up to 100 different general contractors at a time that each have specific lien waiver release forms to use.”To keep delays from happening, Lithko needed an efficient solution.


Built's Lien Waiver Management is an automated system that helps manage the entire process of lien waiver management. It ensures all lien waivers and payments are created, sent, collected, and tracked at all times. Having an efficient and simplified process between general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and lower-tier subcontractors was a desire that Lithko longed for.

A clear, visible, and better data management process

Prior to implementing Lienwaivers powered by Built, Lithko was carrying out a manual process that delayed collections and gave no direction for tracking or meeting customer needs. “We completed the task using paper manila files and manual emails,” said Young. “I had low confidence we would find a service that could provide value in our lien waiver management process.”


With a simple Google search, Lithko discovered Lienwaivers powered by Built. A quick demo was put in place and Lithko was overwhelmed with relief.


"During our demo we were shown different functions of the program which included the ability to create multiple waivers via file upload, automatically catalog returned waivers, and send automated emails for all outstanding waivers,” said Young. “All of this was exactly what we needed."


Lithko no longer stresses about the potential of missing waivers, unmet customer needs, or tracking. Young explains how Lithko has decreased average past due accounts receivable by three percent, noting that they started implementing Lienwaivers powered by Built two years ago.


Operating with Clarity and Continuity

Lithko is improving its process through an immensely organized solution. Not only are waivers easy to send out, but also, they are easy to track and send reminders.


Lienwaivers powered by Built is giving Lithko a consistent solution that is paving the way for better customer service. Young commends the support team by saying, “They are always quick to respond, always intelligent and thoughtful, and make me feel that my feedback is important.”


Favorite Lienwaivers powered by Built Features
  • Email tracking via
  • Lien waiver tracking
  • Customized lien waiver templates
  • Multi-team dashboard
  • Reminders
  • Bulk lien waiver generation
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