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Dramatically changing the way you create, distribute, and organize waivers

PRG Group is a construction company specializing in high-end luxury residential projects. Making way as a trusted general contractor for the luxury home industry in the Big Sky and local Montana communities since 2009, PRG Group has successfully completed over 200 construction projects.


Every construction company knows the importance of an efficient lien waiver process.


"Lienwaivers powered by Built has dramatically changed the way in which we create, distribute and organize waivers. I cannot emphasize enough how much TIME we have saved through this system. I strongly encourage any company looking to enhance and improve their lien waiver system to contact the team at Lienwaivers powered by Built."


Cassie Buckley

Project Coordinator at PRG GROUP



Built's Lien Waiver Management is an automated system that helps manage the entire process of lien waiver management. It ensures all lien waivers and payments are created, sent, collected, and tracked at all times. PRG Group was tired of wasting time and chasing down their process. They needed a solution that worked for them, not against them.


Save time and combat waste

When PRG Group started searching on Google for a lien waiver management system, Buckley said that the biggest takeaway from the demo of the Lienwaivers powered by Built lien waiver solution was the amount of time saved throughout the entire lien waiver process.


“Our previous lien waiver process was incredibly archaic and wasteful,” said Buckley. “It involved long hours of mail mergers, printing, enveloping, mailing, sorting and scanning.” PGR Group wanted to combat waste: wasted materials and wasted time. With the help of Lienwaivers powered by Built, they now get to do just that.


Great customer service

Shortly before switching to Lienwaivers powered by Built, PGR Group was sending 1,000 waivers per month. Since implementing the new solution, the company has decreased time in turnaround from creation to distribution, organizing/filing of completed lien waivers, amount of paper waste, and allotted time through sorting the status of waivers.


Not to mention, Lienwaivers powered by Built has been supportive since day one. Buckley recognizes the support team as one of her favorite features. “The support team is extremely responsive and timely, said Buckley. “They always have our back with any issues between our end and our subcontractors end.”


Favorite Lienwaivers powered by Built Features
  • Email tracking via
  • Signer inbox
  • Multi-team dashboard
  • Reminders
  • Bulk lien waiver generation
  • Sending lien waivers via PDF attachment
  • Electronic signatures
  • Live chat support
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